About the Artist


School of the Museum of Fine Arts, 1995-2000; concentrated in painting in Gerry Bergstein’s studio as well as studying painting with Kurt Kauper, Ron Rizzi, Julie Graham, and Maria Magdalenga Compos Pons; and in video art with Mary Ellen Strom; Diploma in Studio Art 2000

Northeastern University School of Law, J.D. 1974

Harvard College, B.A. 1970


Following one earlier life as political activist and community organizer, Mr. Margolin spent 30 years as a lawyer representing Native American tribes across the United States, before shifting his focus to developing a full time studio art practice.  Since completing the Diploma program at the Museum School in Boston, Mr. Margolin’s studio practice has returned to painting.  His current body of work explores the risks of climate change, and the first exhibition of this new series, “Climate Shift”, was held in June of 2019 at the Cape Cod Cultural Center in Yarmouth, MA. His previous bodies of work, “Play of Wakefulness”, “Space of Mind” and “Emptiness and Luminosity”, explored visual language to embody his deep engagement with Buddhist philosophy.  His first solo painting exhibitions were at Galatea Fine Art in Boston’s SOWA Arts District where he also served as volunteer President of this South End artists’ cooperative gallery. In late 2017, Mr. Margolin relocated his studio to Yarmouth, Massachusetts. From the beginning of his public exhibitions, Margolin was committed to making art affordable for the average viewer, priced to be accessible rather than reflecting commercial gallery prices that commonly excluded all but wealthy collectors. In June of 2019, Mr. Margolin’s “Climate Shift” exhibition at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod in Yarmouth, MA benefited the BetterFutureProject of 350.org to support climate activism. In early 2020. Margolin launched the Cape Cod Climate Emergency Initiative, which over the course of 2020-2021 succeeded with the support of 350 Cape Cod and the Cape Cod Climate Change Collaborative in securing climate emergency declarations in fourteen Cape Cod towns. Margolin subsequently became a member of the Board of Directors of the Cape Cod Climate Change Collaborative. Mr. Margolin’s scheduled May 2020 “Climate Emergency” exhibition at the Cultural Center, an affordable art benefit for the Cape Cod Climate Change Collaborative, was rescheduled due to the pandemic crisis and will open in May of 2022.

Solo Exhibitions:

September 2014: “Emptiness and Luminosity”, Galatea Fine Art, Boston, MA

October 2016: “Space of Mind”, Galatea Fine Art, Boston, MA

October 2018: “Play of Wakefulness”, Galatea Fine Art, Boston, MA

June 2019: “Climate Shift”, Cultural Center of Cape Cod, Yarmouth, MA

Juried Exhibitions:

April 2018: Anywhere But Here, Cultural Center of Cape Cod, Yarmouth, MA

June 2014: See the Light, Attleboro Art Museum, Attleboro, MA

February 2014:  The Power of the Power of Suggestion, Alpers Fine Art, Andover, MA

October 2012: 66thAnnual Aqueous Open 2012, Pittsburgh Watercolor Society, Third Street Gallery, Carnegie, PA

August 2012: New England Collective III, Third Annual Juried Exhibition, Galatea Fine Arts, Boston, MA